Thursday, July 23, 2009

Whew, I Made It

A little tongue in cheek humor there for my sibs, who learned via my blog that I was having minor surgery on Tuesday. Rob, (the first blogger in the fam, although, hello, Rob -- no post for the past month, what's up with that!?) checked out my blog Monday night and emailed the siblings on Tuesday about my surgery, and I did get a little grief from a couple sibs who read Rob's email (well, really only one, the one who doesn't keep up with the blog... uh, you know who you are, S___n). :)

I just didn't want to make a big deal out of it... you know, the whole thought process that if you DON'T make a big deal out of it then it isn't a big deal, and then nothing bad will happen! And nothing did - the surgery went fine, I had lots of TLC from the hubby and Jace, and I headed back to work today. They removed a lot of tissue/cysts, and it may come back again, we'll just have to see. The bummer for me is that I can't go swimming for a month, until my follow-up visit, to give my insides a chance to heal. Dang, if I had known that I might've put the surgery off for another month, knowing that we have some lake time left and a vacation planned to Boston, where Dave's family lives, and they have a gorgeous inground pool.

I'm also off the exercise wagon for a few days until I'm feeling like getting back on the elliptical again, so have been trying to at least eat semi-healthy while I'm vegging out on the sofa. Better enjoy the time off while I can!

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