Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two Years

Two years ago yesterday we said "I do" on the beach in Jamaica, and while it was romantic and beautiful ceremony, I am so glad we are celebrating two years today in a totally different emotional place. When we met and dated, and even when we married, our focus was on the fun times, because we are both social, fun people. But then we woke up to reality, and for a time we went our separate ways, and actually almost divorced.

I know he feels the same way, that we couldn't have grown and matured in our relationship to where we are now without hitting that rock bottom place first, and both coming to the realization of how hard love can be but that we loved each other and wanted this to work. It has taken work, a lot of couples counseling to help us both realize our personalities and our coping mechanisms, and how we both tend to push people away and stop communicating when things get rough. But it has helped us to understand ourselves and each other so much more, and we know and trust each other that we want to be here for the fun times, but also for the tough times, too.
Happy 2nd anniversary to my best friend, my husband. I love you.


Rob said...

Reminds me of a song by Andy Gullahorn. The chorus says:

Give it time, give it time
You have to wait through the winter cold
For the spring sunshine
I’m the soil, she’s the seed
Give it time and the flowers just grow on me

Lucas said...

Man are you two good looking! I mean really stunning!

Oh yeah, and you're nice and fun and Happy Anniversary and blah, blah, blah!

Seriously though, I'm really glad you guys made it through your tough spot. There will probably be more along the way but you gotta have lows if you wanna enjoy the highs, you know? Love ya!