Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lake Swimming

Ok, for your Thursday entertainment (or if you just want to get tired READING about exercise!) head on over and check out the Petite Flower, my girl Lucas' blog, and her latest updates on the mini-triathalon she's doing this weekend. Geez, the woman is amazing -- she started about a year, maybe year and a half ago, as she prepared for the big 4-0, and what a woman she's become. Working out with a multitude of personal trainers, kickboxing, running 5Ks, bicycling, she's done it all. Now she is doing a mini-tri, and went swimming in a lake last night to prep for it.

I had to laugh (and post a comment) when I read it, since my only hobby in the lake is FLOATING - as in floating, on a noodle or two, behind our boat out in a cove, with a water bottle filled with wine in my hand (classy, huh?!?). She is an inspiration, because she's definitely human and LOVES to have fun, and even when she falls off the workout wagon (or indulges too much in food OR drink!) she gets right back up and keeps going- something that is helpful to read about, as I keep up with her busy and sometimes crazy life! So, here's to Lucas and her first mini-tri this weekend-- you go, girl!

Not much here going on, other than the report from the hubby a couple of days ago that the toilet motor we have to replace in the boat is going to be $600. SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS!? Geez. Thankfully he is quite the handyman, so we will not have to pay labor for someone to install it; I'm sure that would be another couple hundred.

So excited to have Gail and Dan down to the lake this weekend; it is her birthday, and her folks are down from KC to watch the kiddos while she and Dan have a weekend at a condo in Branson. Our friend Emily is in town also, so she'll be joining us as well. Now all we have to do is hope for SUNNY weather!

Just got some new pics of my nephew Isaac, will have to post those soon -- he is getting so big, and is sooooo cute; I can't wait to see him on Labor Day weekend!

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Lucas said...

WOW Nance! Thanks so much for all the high praise. TWO paragraphs of it!!!! I would blush if I wasn't such a complete and total attention whore! I love it, thanks! The tri totally rocked! SO FUN and really, so easy. Training was a big committment but well worth it. I just kept telling myself race day that it was just another workout and it was! :) You could totally do it if you wanted to! Next up is Keith's tri. You know she is doing one too right? In August. Anyway, you do WAY more than float girl and get me down and the lake and you know my workouts fly out the window! Love you tons and thanks again. Your praise means the world to me! Hugs!