Monday, July 12, 2010

In a Nutshell

Good Lord, how long has it been since I've been on here!? Life has been busy the last few weeks, both at home and at work. Today was my first day at the new job, and it was really strange to be the new kid, after so many years in the same place. But the nice thing is that I'm already familiar with quite a bit since it is in the same health system. And of course everyone was great, and really made me feel welcome.

We've been busy at home since returning from vacation, and the next several weekends look just as hectic. We enjoyed our second STL Cards game of the season over the fourth of July weekend, and brought one of Jace's friends with us. The game was disappointing (Brewers won 12-5) but the experience was awesome as always.

We headed to friends' house to celebrate the Fourth, and enjoyed some dinner, cocktails and silliness. See below - Dave is demonstrating his pose for eliminating that pesky double chin that we all seem to get now that we're in our 30s - or our 40s.

I also made a quick trip to Branson with Jace, to see sis Annie and her in-laws, who spend a week every summer in a condo there. We headed down on Wednesday night, and then I had to drive back early the next morning since I only had Thursday and Friday to wrap up and say goodbye at my job. But it was certainly worth the drive and quick turnaround, to see both Ann and Susan, who was visiting with her hubby and boys for a couple of days as well.

(Sisters, only missing Tare-tare!)
This past weekend was spent with some friends at the lake, and we've also enjoyed some time with Paige the past couple of days. She leaves for school in five weeks, so we're enjoying whatever time she can spend with us while she's home.
That's about it, I guess. All is good - busy, but good. Later!

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Lucas said...

Cute pics Nance. Sounds like you are having a busy and enjoyable summer. So glad to hear it! :)