Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall & Friends

Ok, first things first - GO CARDS!  Who would've imagined we'd be here!?  Sweet!

Second, update on the whole cleanse/diet - going well!  Sweets and breads/pastas have been at a bare, bare minimum, and have been replaced with lots of protein and veggies.  I (of course) REALLY miss the chocolate and sweets, but the cravings aren't near what they were when I started.  The nice thing is that I am also down a pant size in the three weeks - who would've thought that cutting out carbs and sugar would have made such a big difference on my waist line in such a short time?  I mean we're only talking about 5-6 pounds of weight loss but it is such a noticeable difference...  the momentum makes it easier to sustain my healthy eating habits. 

I know that I can add back in things slowly and with moderation, but it makes me realize that just some small changes in the kinds and amounts of carbs can make a big difference.  And the other great thing is that I am not nearly as hungry between meals - I don't have those peaks and falls in my blood sugar, and it really is such an improvement.

Fall is here, in terms of weather - and I love it!  The high today is going to be 49, and I'm thrilled to have a sweater and boots and be totally warm and cozy in them!  We were spoiled last weekend with temps in the high 70s on Saturday, and then 85 on Sunday; certainly not the norm for mid October. I enjoyed a beautiful day outside on Saturday, with a friend:

I had been ziplining in Honduras, and enjoyed it, so was excited to try it again here in Missouri.   The weather was gorgeous, and the course itself was just about 25 minutes away, towards the lake.  We didn't get to do the extreme course, as it was booked solid with people who were taking advantage of the beautiful weather, like we were!   It was nice to spend a Saturday with a friend;  He is interested in more than friendship, but I've had several dates over the past several weeks, and have been very upfront with each person.  I am just not ready to even think about anything romantic, after all I've been through.  I have said more than once that I could probably meet someone perfect right now, and I wouldn't even know it.  My heart is just not there, not in it.  I know that is natural, and exactly what I need right now - to be detached, and give myself a chance to heal. 

Thankfully I have a wonderful group of friends who have been a great support to me.  On Saturday night I went to a Halloween party with two of those friends, Cindy and Clay.   Cindy and I became friends about 3 or 4 years ago; she had started dating Dave's college roommate, Clay, shortly after Dave and I started dating.  And she and I struck up a friendship and have grown much closer than the guys are - so glad I met her!  They've been good to me since Dave and I split up, and they certainly don't mind me being the third wheel, like I was Saturday night!  They were dressed as Ginger and the Professor from Gilligan's island, while I was a cowgirl: 

I decided on the cowgirl outfit based on my new boots, a brown pair of Frye Harness boots - I've had my eye on them for quite awhile, and LOVE them.  The only thing I had to buy for the costume was a cowboy hat; I did have to get some input from Tara, since she and Luke both had "real" hats when we went to the ZBB concert.  Tara reassured me (it wasn't hard) that she has worn her's several times, and I could surely find some other things to wear it to, besides just this Halloween. (I'm thinking another ZBB concert is in order, guys!  :)  That'll be a great excuse to wear my hat!)

Better close - have to get up and get ready for work.  Starting my day out with good friend and fellow blogger, Anne.  We're having coffee this morning at the hospital, where she volunteers as part of Life 2.0.   She's leaving in a few days for their winter home in sunny Phoenix, so this will be my chance to catch up and say goodbye for the next several months.

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Anne said...

SO good to see you today and get caught up on our lives. You look so fabulous - not just from losing a few pounds but also from what I sense is a lot of inner peace. It shows in your smile and in your sparkling eyes.

Keep in touch throughout the winter and remember, we have an extra bedroom in AZ if you want to escape the snow and ice!