Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Last Thursday was week three of eight of my photography class, and I’m really enjoying it. The funny thing is that I know two out of the seven students in the class with me. One guy, Jason, was in my scuba class back in February; the other, Eric, is the husband of one of my junior high school friends, Leslie. Turns out he is a photography buff, and some of the photos on her fabulous blog are courtesy of his photography skills – in particular all of the ones of them in Florida, on the header of her blog. It has been nice to have a friend in class, and to get to know him a little better.

We have our “homework” for the class, and approximately four more weeks in which to complete it. Our instructor, Joe, gave us a handout with “The Rules” for our ten photos – I won’t belabor the specifics, but basically we have to use all manual settings on the camera, and shoot the following:

1.) Statue

2.) Animal

3.) Motion

4.) Portrait

5.) Scenic

6.) Fire

7.) Water

8.) Self Portrait (document method used)

9.) Night Photo

10.) Low light with flash

I’m excited, but nervous. There is a wide range of experience in our class – some of the students have been taking photos for awhile. Me, I barely know the top of the camera from the bottom. Ok, not that bad, but still. We will each bring and display our ten photos on the last night of class… and Joe’s last directive on the rules was “Be Creative” – yikes! It is funny, though – I find myself being a lot more observant about everything around me, and often thinking “That would be a great shot”. And we haven’t even hit composition in class yet. I’m looking forward to that lesson, and think it will give me a lot more to work with, skill-wise.

Tomorrow night I will be watching the Cards play at my friend Laura’s house, with a group of people – let’s hope they play better than last night- geez. Hopefully they’ll be more on task back in their hometown. In other news, I had a lunch date today, and it was very enjoyable. It was actually the third time we’ve been out, after being fixed up on a blind date by a mutual friend early last week. First time I’ve ever been “successfully” fixed up with someone… that whole matchmaker thing usually doesn’t work out well, at least it hasn’t for me. But he is a great guy, and in a similar situation to mine – has been a very nice experience, so far.

I will be a cowgirl again on Saturday night, for a Halloween party/bonfire, with the above-mentioned guy. Glad to get to wear my hat again, get my money’s worth this year!


Lucas said...

How marvelous that you are dating. That just makes me smile. And I know you'll do great in your photography class! I'd love to see your fav shots posted on your blog if you feel brave. :) Way to go Nancy!

Oh, and you are welcome here ANYTIME (although the winters are a bit brutal). It's a 7 hour straight shot drive from KC. Or we could look into trying a buddy pass, but those are so hard! Let's catch up soon!

Leslie said...

HEY! Thanks for the shout out! We have to get together. This is getting ridiculous! :)
Hope to see you soon.
And you should check out the cool pics we took from our hike yesterday on the blog. :)