Saturday, February 11, 2012


Enjoying my favorite things on a Saturday morning - curled up on the sofa, with a mug of coffee, and some music on Pandora... bliss!   (That's a good title for today's post!) ... love this time of the morning/week.    I'll have to catch up on the past three days' photos for my February photo challenge, but first I have another photo to post:

"Who are these lovely people?" you may be wondering ... well, they are the people that came in the photo frame, because I'm STILL WAITING for some winter 2011 memories!  I'm afraid I may have contributed in holding off our winter weather this year, since it is February 11th and we still haven't seen any real snow.   

You see, this was the first year in many years that I was totally prepared for my child to be out in the snow.  Usually when we have our first big snow of the year, I'm all "Crap, gotta see if I can buy Jace a new pair of snow boots, warm gloves, etc" and the stores have already sold out to all of the GOOD parents who bought them before the weather hit.  But not this year!!  Nope - back in early November I bought Jace some great snow pants, some $20 double layer gloves, and made sure he had everything he would need for sledding.  I even bought him a cool new sled for Christmas.   And we have seen one single dusting of snow this entire winter season.  

So all of you Springfield folks who are happy about our mild winter thus far, you can thank ME! Although I'm watching the forecast, and it looks like we may get some snow on Monday - along with some temps that are well below freezing... Winter may just be making a late appearance this year!

Wednesday's photo this week was "sun"; since it was a chilly and cloudy day, I had to figure something else out - so here was my photo instead:


I mean, it was somewhat similar to the sun -  it was yellow, made me feel good, and went down (smoothly) around 5pm that night...  :)   Wednesday nights are my weekly happy hour with friends, and I enjoyed a couple greyhounds that night with Brian and one of his good friends and his wife.  A fun evening.

Thursday's photo was "Front Door", so I took a couple of shots that morning, but then had to wait until that evening to get a photo of Rocky in his usual spot.  If he is inside when I leave the house, I can always see him peering out the window, watching me as I go.

Front door

And yesterday's photo was a self portrait -  I used one of the photos I had taken earlier this year with my new camera, and had some fun with it using some applications on my iPhone:

Self portrait

Looking forward to a busy but fun day today, with Jace, Brian and his little boy, Daniel.  I have some house cleaning and errands to do first, so better get going!  Happy Saturday!

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