Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feb 5-7th

Sunday, February 5th  "10 AM"... 

Modern worship service at my church, Schweitzer.  Love the music, and the sanctuary... took this as the blinds went up and the band was playing the final song... a great service.

Monday, February 6th...  "Dinner"  -  Rocko. 
Enough said.

Tuesday, February 7th...  "Button"... I didn't check
today's list before getting dressed this morning.

Actually, a few pairs of my pants require me to use this same fix.  Need to take them to my alterations lady!  Susan has already chastised me for this on my FB post from an hour or so ago, telling me that our mother (who was an excellent seamstress - and homemaker, in general) is probably looking down on me wondering what the heck I'm doing (or not doing!)... Yes, Suz, I know.  But hey, I HAVE learned how to cook before turning 40, but there are some things I'm just going to PAY to have someone else do.  Just need to get them there to have them done!

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Susan said...

I'm a little behind reading the blog, but finally did and saw this!! It's ok sissy.