Friday, February 17, 2012

Week's End

So glad it is the weekend, and a couple of days to catch up on things around the house.  Last night Brian and Daniel came over, and Brian helped me make two crockpots of chili & soup for a celebration at one of my clinics today.   Daniel loves to sit up on the island and help his dad cook - this time I had several cans of beans, etc for the chili, and he started stacking them.  So I helped him arrange them on the floor, and he kept himself entertained for much of the evening with the cans, his tape measure and a couple of other items.  I laughed because it was a younger version of Jace and the duct tape/bamboo - love it when kids use their imaginations!

Wednesday night we went out and celebrated Valentine's Day, with the same routine as our first date - met our friend Laura (and Herschel) at Houlihans for drinks, and then Brian and I went to DiGiacinto's for dinner.  It was a great night - just like our first date.  As we ate dinner on Wednesday night, we talked about how we both were surprised at how "easy" things were between us the first time we went out; although there were some of those jitters - in a good way.   Our date on Wednesday night was wonderful - the food was delicious, the mood was romantic (a very simple Italian restaurant, the owner has been here for 20+ years, from NYC originally; red & white checked tablecloths, wonderful Italian food, and Sinatra on the walls and his tunes playing overhead) and we just enjoyed talking about the last few months.

I'm up early this morning - got a text at 5:30 from my best friend Gail, who lives a couple of streets over.  Apparently a water line broke, and our neighborhood has no water.  Looks like I'll be taking a sponge bath and wearing my hair pulled back today, which will be fine.  MY main thought was "Oh heck - no water for my coffee!"    I have a board retreat for a non-profit cancer group this morning from 7:30-10, and I HAVE to have my thermos cup of Churchill's Sinless Pastry- that's a non-negotiable.   Looks like I'll be heading to the convenience store to get a couple of bottles of water for my coffee maker!

Will post my photos from the last several days tonight - happy Friday!

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Lucas said...

Hope they got those lines fixed! Yikes!