Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Catching Up

Well, it seems that I'm reduced to posting weekly lately, so this will be a lengthy post to catch up on all of our activities. Last week was just plain crazy, we packed so much into it. I had a meeting Tuesday night, then we headed out of town Wednesday right after work for Jace's field trip to the Capitol in Jeff City. That was all day Thursday (we went up the night before so that we didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn Thursday AM and could sleep in a bit) and then we rushed back Thursday night to get Jace to a practice baseball game and Dave to a Springfield Cardinals game for a work event with clients. Here are some pics of the Thursday trip to the Capitol. I hadn't been since I was young, and Dave had never been, since he grew up in Boston. It was fun, I know the kids enjoyed it- a day away from school and all together having a good time!

This last picture was of the Thomas Hart Benton room, it was one thing that I remembered most from when I visited the capitol as a child. The entire room is a mural, and when we were there Thursday the guide told the chronological story of the walls, working her way around the room. She had some Q & A for the kids as she progressed through, and it was a great history lesson for the kids, and for the grownups.

Then Friday after work Dave picked up Neil and the four of us (Dave, me, Neil and Jace -- oh, and the two dogs) headed down to the lake to relax and spend the night there... does it SOUND relaxing!? Well, the boys fished, which was fun for them, and Dave and I did some spring cleaning on the boat. We did enjoy a couple of hours on our new friends' boat, while we were there. Dennis and Sarah have a 12-year-old daughter, and she hung out with Neil and Jace playing video games while the four adults talked and listened to Dennis play some tunes on his guitar.

We woke up Saturday morning and took the boat out for a bit, and the boys fished some more while we continued some cleaning. By noon we were heading back to Springfield to get Jace to baseball practice and to get ready for Paige's highschool graduation that evening.

Paige is going to William Jewell, and the photo in the frame above is a picture of the three of us when we visited the college with her in April. There is a red phone booth on campus that I thought was so cool, and we took a pic of the three of us in front of it. When Dave and I saw a replica of a phone booth as we were shopping a few weeks ago, we just had to get it, and pair it with the photo as part of her graduation present (in addition to some money of course, and a plane ticket to go with us to Boston in August to see Dave's family). I think Paige liked the phone booth, I think her phrase was that it was a "clever gift". Dave suggested that she take it with her on her travels, and take a picture with it wherever she goes, kind of like the commercial with the dad taking the stuffed monkey on his trip and taking pics, etc.

We enjoyed being a part of Paige's graduation on Saturday night, and I know she was happy to have her grandmother, Dave's mother, there with us as well for dinner and the graduation. We're so excited and proud of Paige, she has done so well in her high school career, and has such a promising future ahead of her! I'm glad she will have a pretty relaxing summer, the first one in several years that she hasn't had cheerleading, summer school, college classes and work. This summer she will just be working and preparing for school in the fall.

Now I'll close and get ready for work - I've already been up this morning, finished my workout with Jillian from the Biggest Loser ("C'mon, there's no phonin' it in, you've gotta give me all you got!") and now having my cup of coffee and grapenuts. Happy Hump Day to all!

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Lucas said...

Paige looks so beautiful! What an amazing young woman. Congrats to her and to you guys!

And glad to see you are getting some time on Banana Pancakes! If we got her and The FW II together we could rule the world!