Wednesday, May 27, 2009


That's what my friend Dana always says I have when I come to work stressed about all the things I have to do before leaving town. Today and tonight are no different- work was a pile-up of issues that I really need to take care of before being done with my day tomorrow, and at home I'm feeling a tightness in my chest about all the packing that needs to happen AND wanting to have the house clean since my stepdaughter Paige will be doggie-sitting here while we're gone. Ack!!

So what am I doing? Taking a break from all the stress to sit down here for a minute and blog. I was checking out MSNBC's Test Pattern today, which is a regular column on their Entertainment page. Today's topic was called the "Rod Stewart Rule", in which the author says "I call it the Rod Stewart Rule. In my head, I keep a list of three musical acts that I just can't stand to hear. If one of those acts comes on the radio, I invoke the Rule. The Rule gives me the right to change the station, instantly, no questions asked, no argument, simply because that act is on my list."

I had to laugh- I know I have a few of those myself. I would say my top three are Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Kid Rock- if I hear any one of those (with the exception of Kid's new song that has the rif from Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama", but I may only like that because of them) I change the station immediately. Anybody else have any artists that make them cringe? Let's hear about 'em. Ok, now I'm back to packing.


Lucas said...

I'm with you on Celine and Mariah but I have to add Whitney Houston in there too. In fact, when we got married, there were a few DJ rules, one of them was, No Whitney, No Mariah, No Celine! (We also said No Chicken Dance, No Electric Slide but somehow, there WAS a Chicken Dance! Damn that DJ!) As for Kid Rock, sorry Nance, but he's one of my all time favs! Except I HATE his new song.....:) funny huh?

Tara said...

Oh my, there are many. I have to disagree about Celine though Nance. I enjoy belting out her ballads with her. And I like Mariah's old stuff.

A handful for me are:
Eminem-can't stand him!
Nickelback-What? You are singing with nickels in your mouth?
Pussycat dolls (and all those other new girl singers like them-Katy Perry, etc.) I am still a Britney fan though!
Miley Cyrus-her new song is painful, it is all nasal, all the time!
Bob Dylan-I know I'll get flack for this, but the man's voice is just awful!

I'm sure I have more, I just can't think of them right now.

Anonymous said...

OK...I'm going to disagree with Tara here in that I kind of like Miley's new song. Nasal...yes, but it has a good lyric, and I like my little Miley fan (Sylvie) hearing positive messages.

Now, the one I turn the station for (and I'll probably get blasted for this) is Chrissy Hynde by herself or with The Pretenders. Not sure why...she just bugs the crap out of me.

Anonymous said...

I truly am a lover of all kinds of music but I do have some performers who I won't listen to plus some talk radio people I can't stomach either:

Kenny Rogers
Anything that the soldier boy guy has done since his first hit.
Dr. Laura

nancy said...

Glad to see so many comments! Lucas, I remembered that you liked Kid Rock, so figured I'd get a comment from you on that... Tara -- Celine? Ack! :) Steph, I love Miley too, but have to say I haven't heard the new one, she's not as popular with my 10 y/o boy... and as for our anonymous commenter -- have to agree with you on Dr. Laura, she drives me crazy!

nancy said...
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