Thursday, May 21, 2009

We're getting ready for the holiday weekend-- camping and boating with friends Shana, Damon and their family. I'm taking a half-day off work tomorrow, and getting everything ready to head down after Jace gets off school. Dave is heading down tonight, and will be up early to wash the boat.

On another note, I've had an emotion-filled week, but one that has been good. Dave and I are continuing to go to counseling, and it is helping both of us so much. Dave's boss actually commented to him at length yesterday how much of a change he has seen in Dave over the past month, and in our interactions together when he's seen us. Dave is so more open about things than he ever was before and is committed to making things work and just making some changes in himself and how he deals with things in general.

And now I have had to face some things in my "closet", some things that I did wrong. I have to share the blame for some things that I caused within our marriage and at the time of our break-up in December; some things that I had not shared with Dave and that were very hurtful. But he has responded to me with understanding and forgiveness as well, and I am so thankful that we are together and both committed to what we have in each other and in our marriage.

So, we start our weekend with a new outlook and I plan to enjoy the time with Dave, Jace, Paige, Neil and our friends, and am so thankful for all that I have been given. I'll post pictures on Monday - the kids are planning to swim, so I am sure I will have a pic or two with their blue lips since the water is certain to be COLD!

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