Friday, May 15, 2009

Just some updates because I'm glad it is Friday and have lots on my mind

An update on the cookies yesterday; thankfully some of the other gals here in the office also found the cookies in the breakroom and finished them off, so I wasn't able to eat any more of them.

Had a call from my dad this morning, checking in on our weekend plans to make sure we are still heading to his house to continue/finish up the project we helped with a couple of weeks ago. He told me two or three times in the conversation that if this weekend wasn't good for us then we could do it another weekend. I reassured him that it was, for two reasons - first, because it IS a good weekend, but second, because we want to finish up the project before lake season starts! So we will head to his house first thing in the morning.

While I was on the phone with Dad, he gave me an update on my brother, Rob. Apparently the day before yesterday Rob headed into work and when he got there he had a very rapid heart beat and was sweating profusely. They admitted him for observation and some tests (he is the assistant CFO of a hospital in IL, so luckily he was in the right place at the right time for medical care!) The update as of today is that he is out of the hospital and actually already back to work this morning. Dad joked that Rob was just faking it to "get out of mowing the lawn and pulling weeds at home." (a typical thing that Dad would joke about, I'm not surprised!). I wonder (in my non-clinical but quasi-medical background) if it isn't anxiety-based, but I guess time will tell. As anyone in healthcare can tell you, times are tough in this economy for hospitals, and maybe Rob is feeling the stress of his job, in addition to being a busy dad and husband. At any rate, I know we are all glad that he is feeling better and that the heart tests didn't show any issues.

Dave is heading down to the boat this afternoon, to be there while we have a new audio system installed on the boat. He has a few things he would like to do as far as improvements on the boat, but we are hesitant about spending much money on updates. However, this one was easy to talk me into, since I love music and the stereo was 13 years old, came with the boat when it was new. It was apparently a top notch system in its time, but it is outdated now and all four speakers on the top of the boat are blown. So we will be doing a reasonably priced upgrade to a Ipod-compatible audio system with new speakers and a couple of remotes (that are water proof and float, just in case) that can control the audio and Ipod from anywhere, even if we are floating out in the water listening to tunes.

Dave's also taking my car in to get the connections on my blinkers looked at (they keep going out intermittently, not all the time, so he says it is a connection) and he's also picking up the dry cleaning. I've said I was going to this week, but haven't managed to get there yet, it has been crazy! Since he has the afternoon off, I appreciate him taking the time to get these things done while I'm at work.

And now I'm back to work-- we have a survey at our cancer center today, and I am one of the directors, although am really on the periphery, but still have to be there for some of the day. Happy Friday!

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