Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

Well, the joke was on me today, my brother Rob got me! My five siblings and I (plus some of the spouses as well) often talk back and forth via group email. We all live several hours apart, and email has been an awesome way for us to stay connected. The latest subject has been our sister Ann’s upcoming nuptials at the end of May. She and long-time beau Matt are getting married in Gatlinburg, TN at The Preserve Resort, and all of our and Matt's immediate families will be joining them for the weekend.

Our sister Susan has been the “travel agent” of sorts, figuring out accommodations at the resort. Three of us siblings and our families will be staying in one three-bedroom cabin. But it is certainly not “just" a cabin; it is beautiful- has three floors and sleeps 14 people, includes a hot tub, sauna, foosball table, full kitchen and many other amenities.

As we discussed the weekend today back and forth via email, we were talking about the reception and I jokingly asked Ann if it would be an open bar with plenty of wine. The next email back was from my brother, Rob, telling me that if I checked out the website, I would see that they are a “dry” resort, and are very strict about their enforcement. He said that the resort did not allow any alcohol and that was how they could keep their cabins in such nice condition. He went on to say that he was surprised that Ann had chosen this resort, knowing that there was no alcohol allowed, but that when he had looked at some of the other similar ones, this one was much nicer and that must’ve been why she chose it. I thought, “oh, shoot”, but responded back with an email saying that it would still be lots of fun, and the resort had lots of things to do all weekend.

I then started working on something at my desk, and when the next email came through, I opened it and read “APRIL FOOLS!! Gotcha!!” And he did; I totally believed him. He said he hadn’t fooled anyone in years, and it kind of made his day! And I’m sure he’ll read this, since he is a fellow blogger… THANKS, Rob. You got me!

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Lucas said...

As long as all that stuff on FB last night wasn't an April Fools!!!!!