Friday, April 10, 2009

Things I'm Learning...

  • People can change, if they want to change… we started couples counseling this week, and Dave is focused on working through some of his past, and it has been wonderful to see how he is opening up and dealing with things that he has never really addressed before. We both took a personality profile test, and his personality type is so “spot on” about him, it is scary. It is interesting, though, that our counselor (a long-time acquaintance of mine) is also the same personality type as Dave. But he channels those same personality traits in resourceful ways, and has been very encouraging to Dave that he can learn to do the same. It is going to be a long road, but it is a very different path than we took the first time, and I think we are both very happy that we have the chance to start over.

  • “Support” can mean different things... I think all of my friends and family support me, and want me to be happy. But reactions have understandably been mixed about if this is the right thing for me. Some people have been very supportive and happy that Dave and I are working on things. Others have been supportive of me, but reserved in their comments about Dave. Or, some even NOT so reserved in their comments about Dave. They were there for me during the time that we broke up, and saw what I went through during that time and during the last few months before our breakup. I know they worry, but no one is in my shoes. I’m learning that although I am the type of person who really cares what those around me think, I have to make peace with my own decision. And I have made that peace.

  • On a lighter note, I’m unfortunately learning that my new hair stylist is a very talented gal, but she has a mind of her own when it comes to her clients’ hair. Love my cut, it is just trimmed up a bit, but HELLO, I am NOT a brunette. Although now I am. She had a new technique that she was dying to try, with some highlights and lowlights weaved in, a three color process. But geez, I got done and I am no longer a blonde. It would be a good look for winter, as it is a flattering shade on me, but it is spring! Bring on the blond highlights, its getting’ close swimsuit weather! So, I’m learning I’m going to have to be more outspoken and cut her off at the pass on her plans for my hair.

    Happy weekend to all, and safe travels to anyone who is driving to see family over the holiday. Jace and I are leaving tonight to go see my folks for the weekend, so will have pics on Monday.

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Susan said...

Is there something wrong with being a brunette, sister??