Monday, April 27, 2009

"This was the best dinner ever!"

That's what Jace said when we went out to eat for Dave and my birthdays on Saturday night. I chose hibachi, since that's something we both like, and I knew Jace would be excited too, it is his favorite meal. We headed to Ohana's, a newer place on Battlefield Road here in town. It isn't my very favorite Japanese steakhouse, but it is good- just a little different sauces, etc. than what I'm used to at Hinode's, my favorite place. Anyway, we have made friends with several of the chefs at Ohana's and it isn't usually as crowded as some of the other more popular steakhouses. Sure enough, we arrived fairly late Saturday night and waited to see if some others would arrive in time to fill up our table, but we were the only three.

As our chef, JJ, (don't let the name fool you- he has been here in the U.S. for eight years, but is still very Korean! Oh, and that's the other thing- very few of the hibachi chefs here in Springfield are Japanese, they are mostly Korean, Vietnamese, etc) prepared our meal we talked to him about how he came to live in Springfield. He was very funny, and since it was just the three of us we had his full attention.

As JJ prepared the rice, he looked over at Jace and said "You want to cook?" Jace just looked at him, and JJ told him to come around to the other side of the grill. Jace hesitated for a moment, but then jumped up. JJ showed him how to "work" the rice around on the grill, and Jace started to stir it. JJ made a big show about leaving Jace at the grill, going back to the kitchen for a second, and THEN coming back out and sitting in Jace's seat while Jace stirred the rice.

JJ took over after a minute, and as Jace sat back down, he said to me and Dave, "This was the best dinner ever!" I'm sure he will be bragging at school about his experience! I'm going to get the picture above developed for him so he can have it to show friends.

After dinner we headed to Andy's Frozen Custard for a birthday treat, and then home. It was a great evening, and a wonderful weekend. Dave and I went to a marriage conference on Friday night and Saturday morning, and really came away with a lot of things that we are doing well, and some things that we can focus on; but most of all, with the continued realization that we both want this to work, and that we are both committed in a totally new way to making our marriage what it needs to be.

Now the work week begins, and we're having a rainy Monday. Hopefully the weather will clear off soon, and we will enjoy a beautiful week.


Tara said...

Glad you all had fun! That's pretty cool about Jace getting to use the grill. Luke will be impressed!!

Lucas said...

I'm just so thrilled for you Nancy. You know, this is just such a great time in life, to be getting old enough to gain some wisdom, but still young enough to be active and healthy, I for one am LOVING it!!!

That story about Jace cooking really brought a smile to my face. I love that JJ sat in Jace's chair while Jace cooked. :)

And can I just tell you how BADLY I miss Kim's Korean BBQ? Man o time I'm in town!!!