Thursday, April 30, 2009

Research & Development

I'm ready for the work week to be OVER. Not that we have big plans for the weekend, actually heading to my folks to help my dad do some work in the back yard, breaking up some concrete, etc. It has been a heck of a week, starting with the news that I'm losing some office space within my department to another area. In addition, just several other issues going on, with the accompanying bureaucracy and red tape to go along with them. Add the recent hysteria about swine flu, the continuing bleak economy, the equally bleak weather this week (rain is in the forecast for the next 37 days, it seems like!) and I'm ready for some GOOD news.

Tonight is a bright spot in my week, with R&D (that's "Research & Development"-- looks much more official on my Outlook Calendar than "Happy Hour at the Bar") after work at Parlor 88. One of our fun work events, Women's Red Hot Night, took place about a month ago. The planning committee met over several months to plan the event, and some of us started having a post-meeting (i.e. happy hour) after our biweekly meetings. It was a nice time to just unwind, and vent about our various jobs and lives. With the event over, we realized we didn't want to stop the post-meeting meetings, and so we've continued to meet on some Thursday afternoons. R&D is actually Dave's term for his own weekly night out with the IT/sales guys as they try out different establishments in town; but I've stolen it for my own, and now all of us gals email or text each other on Tuesday or Wednesday,"R&D Thursday 4pm, P88?"

I sent my text out this morning, saying I would be there and asking who would be joining - I think all of our group will be there, and some are bringing friends. Sounds like everyone may have had the same week that I have. Back to the grind, 'til later today!


Rob said...

On behalf of your fellow blog readers, we're gonna need to see some photos on Monday to prove that you actually broke up concrete this weekend. (Or does "we" = Dave?) My gut says it'll rain and the entire visit home will turn into R&D!

Lucas said...

Have fun with the gals! I've got Kim here this weekend and I'm sure we'll be hoisting a few!

Tara said...

Holy Smokes Nance! You guys are certainly going to be earning favorite points this weekend! Dad has mentioned that darn concrete 100 times. And now you guys (Dave) are going to actually break it up for him. Impressive. Luke and I have our work cut out for us to top that. :)

nancy b said...

Yes, Rob and Tara- you are right, it will be DAVE doing the jackhammering... I'm sure I'll be helping to pick up concrete though! Yes, Dad has mentioned it to me a few times, before Christmas, and now again, so we just figured we'd go up this weekend before summer hits and get started. IF we don't get rained out!

Rob said...

That's nice of you guys to help - I'm sure Dad will appreciate it. He's mentioned it to me a few times, but never come right out and asked, "Would you come down this weekend and help me?" Sometimes I need a direct question before I'll jump in.

We tried the direct question approach in asking if they would watch the kids so we could paint some rooms at our home... and Mom answered our question with another question: "How about you help us paint some rooms?"

Oh well, best to leave it alone. We can manage painting on our own, just more challenging with Sam trying to get into everything.

And we could (and probably should) try to help them more since we live so close. But with 2 little ones, it's twice as hard to get away, even for the day.

Anyway, that's really nice of you guys. Hope you enjoy some R&R and R&D while you're there!