Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Family Fun on Easter Weekend, Part 2.

Just a few last pictures from Easter weekend and then I'll be on to other subjects. I had to get a picture of my brother Thom, he came home from UMKC and graciously gave up his bed for Jace and me to sleep in - thanks, Thom! Here he is on the sofa, doing some deep reading while the rest of us were all being silly.

We snapped a pic of the three sisters (minus Tara, who headed back home on Saturday) on Easter Sunday, and I was dismayed to see I was the SHORTEST! Am I shrinking? (And I'm also the heaviest, but we don't need to go there.) In all fairness, Susan and Ann both had heels on, and I was wearing flats. So I'm not THAT much shorter than them.

The next time I post a pic of Annie and Matt, it will be at their wedding in May, out in TN. They are getting married at a gorgeous resort near Gatlinburg, and we will all be joining them for the festivities. My b-in-law Ron kept cracking jokes about Matt's pre-wedding bliss, as opposed to after he gets married... Susan raked him over the coals for those comments!

And, finally, the Easter pics with Grandpa and the grandkids were fairly unsuccessful, but very funny!

Along with a fairly modest amount of candy, the Easter Bunny brought Jace $5.00 from Grandpa and Mimi, and $10 Target gift card from me. This new found wealth is burning a hole in his pocket, so we will be heading to Target this evening after he finishes his chores.

In other news, I am going with Dave and his daughter Paige to Kansas City on Friday, for Paige's final look at William Jewell. She was offered a substantial scholarship to WJ, and is very excited. One of the best things is that she will have the opportunity to study abroad in England for a year during her undergrad. Then Dave and I are going to Eureka Springs this weekend for a little getaway, complete with a massage and facial for me on Saturday. And, Dave said he may get a massage as well. Mr. Metrosexual (not!) has never had one, and I think he will really enjoy it.

It will be a nice time for us just to relax and continue rebuilding our relationship. I've been so happy with the changes in things, and that both of us know this is what we want and are committed giving it 100%. In the meantime, I have a list of things to get done today and tomorrow, at work and at home. One of the thing is a pedicure- I'm so ready for spring, and hope that this weekend will be nice enough for sandals, so gotta make sure my feet are looking pretty!


Lucas said...

Hey!!! I'M reading that book right now too! Good stuff!

And you may be the shortest but I doubt you are the heaviest and you for sure are the prettiest! :) (Don't tell your sisters I said so, do they read this blog? CRAP!)

As for the message, tell Dave that if The Captain can get one, he can too! Enjoy your getaway. Can't wait to read all about it.

Lucas said...

Oops. I meant massage, but you knew that right? ;)

Tara said...

Even though you are the shortest in that pic, you aren't the shortest of all the sisters. I look like a midge when I get pictures with you girls. For proof scroll down to your previous post.

And you certainly aren't the heaviest (at least not right now anyway!) I'm tipping the scales at 150lbs!! And I'm only 5'2"!! Granted, I'm pregnant but still you aren't the heaviest. :) Funny story about that: When Luke and I were at the doctor the last time it showed I had crossed the 150lb mark and Luke goes, Whoa! Totally innocent, but come on. I just pointed at him and said, Zip it!!

Let me tell you though, trying to compare yourself to Susan and Ann is just depressing so don't even do it. I often look at pictures and think, oh they are so tall and skinny with big boobs, I wish I was that way. But I have finally come to terms with the fact that I will have to settle for short and voluptuous. :) My body has been through a lot in my (nearly) 30 years and I'm finally able to appreciate it.

Nancy said...


One of my friends, who shall remain nameless, had a similar pregnancy experience. She's a freakin' size 4, but when she was pregnant she gained 70+ pounds, and when she hit 200, her husband said, "You hit the deuce!"... Needless to say, I'm sure he wasn't in her good graces for awhile. :)
And if my only consolation is that I don't weigh the most of the sisters because you're 7 months pregnant, then DAMN, I'm gonna have to get serious on the diet!!

Tara said...

Aw, I didn't mean to make you feel like that Nance! Crap.

Nancy said...

Nah, I'm fine, just being silly!! You didn't make me feel bad at all, I knew what you were meaning!