Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ahhhh.... Saturday morning, sipping on a mug of coffee, wrapped up in a blanket... first time the furnace has been on for several months, another sign of fall.

Davey B is up and gone, just left for the lake to go take care of some boat maintenance while I'm at work. Jace just left a bit ago with his dad, for his baseball game today. It is CHILLY out this morning, and I'm enjoying the quiet here at home before I leave for our event at work. I've already been up this morning for awhile - laundry is started, breakfast has been made and cleaned up (don't get excited, just frozen waffles for me and Jace) and beds have been stripped down.

The pot roast was yummy (thanks for asking, Lucas, and if you make it to Springpatch anytime soon, I WILL cook you dinner, girl!) but the gravy was a little too salty. The online recipe I used called for a dry packet of onion soup mix, but someone commented underneath the recipe how they liked an au jus packet better, and that sounded good to me. Note to self for next time, stick with the onion soup mix.

AND, I used fat free cream of mushroom soup (why, I don't know -- like that extra fat in the mushroom soup is even going make one iota of difference, given the cut/type of the meat and all the fat there!?!?) but I think I remember reading that sometimes fat free soups have even more sodium than the regular. Sooo, those are two things I'll remedy for next time - but all in all, it was good! Dave and Jace enjoyed it too, or they did a good job of faking it. After dinner I made some mini cobblers, a Weight Watchers recipe, 3 points each. I used some of fresh strawberrys for the fruit, and they were yummy too! Ice cream would have made them even better, but it was probably a good (i.e. healthy) thing that we didn't have any in the house.

Jace and I went to the library yesterday, and in addition to my pile of fiction I also checked out some books on cooking and handy kitchen tips (like did you know that semi-soft cheese will not stick to the grater or knife if you spray the grater with Pam? Okay, maybe everyone else knew that, but just one of many tips that will be helpful to me, if I can just REMEMBER them all!)

That's all for now, gotta hit the shower and head to work.


Tara said...

Way to go on the pot roast Nance!! I'm really impressed!

I am loving this weather also! The high today was 52 and it was misty all day. A little cold a little too fast, but I'm still excited about fall. The leaves here are just starting to change and with all the rain we've had they are already looking beautiful!

Luke and I made the switch today of our clothes and I always enjoy doing it (now that we don't have to try them all on anymore like we used to when we were little). It's kind of like getting a new closet of clothes without spending any money!!

Hope the rest of your weekend goes well!!

Annie said...

I do NOT miss the colder weather. We still get it here, but later in the year. Matt has made about 50 comments so far about how the leaves are turning (they're not) and how it's getting colder (it's now 75-80 degrees instead of 85-90!). So, I don't really think it's fall yet, but he disagrees. We have made the move of opening the windows a few nights instead of having on the a/c. So, I am not missing having on the heat yet :) But glad to hear you like it!

By the way, did not know the info on the cheese. Give me some more cooking tips!

Susan said...

I'm reading or skimming your blog for the first time in a couple of months. Sorry! I get busy and just forget. Couldn't read it all. BUT did see this about the pot roast. We just had this recipe tonight for dinner. One of my favorites. We've been making it for a few years and love it! Part of it is the meat cut. We had English roast beef tonight.