Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Fun!

Gotta start things off with these pics:

That was last Saturday, during one of the few sunny times we've had over the last couple of weeks. Jace was outside playing (have I mentioned how much I love the fact that he is an outside kid? It is great that there are so many times he would rather be playing around outside than on the sofa with the video games!) and peeked his head in the front door to ask if he could rake up the leaves and jump in them. So I just had to grab my camera after he'd been out there for a few minutes... I love fall!

Later that night Dave and I headed to our friends' house for dinner, with a dozen or so friends from down on our boat dock; what a fun evening it was.

The evening's dinner was cajun, which had been decided when a few of us met for cocktails a several weeks ago and the conversation shifted to talk about fun rips, and the FOOD, in New Orleans (not me, I was the only one of the six who had never been!). I have to say "Thanks!" to friends Pam and Carl, (who sometime read this!) for having everyone over to their gorgeous home and serving an absolute feast of jumbalaya, rice, salad, some awesome crusty bread and to-die-for desserts! We all laughed because it was one of the first times we had all been together with clothes on --- as opposed to LAKE WEAR! (Get your mind out of the gutter!) Here are a few pics from the evening, starting with our hosts:

Carl goofing around!

It was great to see everyone, especially since the cold weather has hit and we really won't see each other down at the lake again until springtime. We talked about getting together a few more times over the winter; I hope we all make time for it, despite the busy holiday times that are coming up.

That's all for now, more soon on my latest at the gym (a cycling/cross training class, a FIRST for me) and some more cooking - I'm just breakin' outta my comfort zone all over the place!

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Lucas said...

Good for you Nance! Comfort zones are for suckers! Bust out girly! :)