Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Whew. What? It's only Tuesday!? Life's been a little busy this week, and I was hoping maybe it was closer to the weekend. Dang. I had a volunteer committee meeting that lasted until 9:30 last night, sandwiched between two days from h*ll here at work, and you know what I'm looking forward to!? Dinner. Is that a bad thing?

With my burgeoning culinary skills (ok, I know the slow cooker may not qualify as a culinary skill, but still!) dinner this evening will be an apricot-glazed boneless pork loin, with steamed green beans and a baked potato. I'm counting on it being wonderfully, deliciously yummy! I'll let you know. Well, if it's not, then I won't let you know. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh, and I'm hoping I will have the will power to get to the gym before enjoying the yummy dinner. Maybe posting this will make me feel more inclined, since I'm saying I'm going. Ok. Back to work, coffee's almost done brewing.

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Lucas said...

When are you coming to my house to cook for me?