Friday, October 9, 2009

Questions of the Day

Will it ever stop raining?!?!? Between the weatherman's updates last night and the constant barrage of flood warnings running across the bottom of the screen, Jace questioned last night if we'd even be able to make the trip to Kansas City later today... "What if the highway is flooded, Mom?" It isn't quite that bad, but it has been raining for 36 hours. Let's hope the weatherman is right and we see some sunshine this afternoon.

The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize goes to... - hello!?!? Whether you like him or not, there's little debating the questionable timeline - Obama took office less than two weeks before the nomination deadline. In researching it a bit this morning, I see that the Nobel Peace Prize is typically not given retrospectively, 20-30 years later, as some of the other Nobel Prizes are. It is given for more recent or immediate achievements, issued in the same year or the year immediately following a political act. But c'mon, to nominate Obama 2 weeks after he takes office, and now put him in the company of the likes of Mother Teresa, Elie Wiesel, and Martin Luther King, Jr, and many more?!? That's all I'm sayin'.

Can anyone tell me how to get to the YMCA? - I ask that because I have fallen off the workout wagon, and haven't darkened the doors of the gym in, oh, 3+ weeks? I stopped going when I came down with that awful bug, and just haven't had the time or willpower to get back there. Bless my dear husband's heart, he hasn't said a word to me about it, even though he has continued to work out regularly. I will get back there, and soon. I'm missing it, and I can tell my waistline is missing it, too.

Ok, back to work. Happy Friday to all!


Anne said...

I agree 100% on the Obama Nobel Prize thing. Regardless of how I feel about him as President (you can probably imagine how I think!), it really is premature. I honestly can't think of a thing he has done to deserve it and it's definitely an insult to others who have given so much for peace and didn't receive the honor.

Tara said...

When I heard that Obama thing this morning I thought huh? For what? And apparently Obama thinks the same thing. I heard his new conference this morning and he said he was surprised and that he didn't feel like he deserved to be in the company of those who have won the prize before. It seems kind of like the committee didn't have anyone else to give it to so they just defaulted to the US president. :)

I know we haven't gotten the kind of rain up here that you have but it seems like it will never be sunny again. We are on our way to Chicago and it has rained on us the whole way!

Mom and Dad are going to be in KC this weekend to see Thomas. Maybe you guys should meet up! :)