Monday, October 12, 2009

Go Cards!

No, not those Cards, darn it... we didn't even watch them lose game three on Saturday night, just checked the score intermittently and shook our heads! But we did root for another Cards team - it was Homecoming for the William Jewell Cardinals this weekend, and I'm just now getting a chance to upload pictures of our weekend with Paige and with our Kansas City friends. We headed up Friday night, and again stayed with friends Garry and Heather. Paige took a break from studying to join us for a couple hours that night; she had a BIG paper due on Monday morning.

Pizza at "The Dish" in Liberty... yum!

We made plans to meet Paige for lunch Saturday and then head to the football game. Boy, was it cold -- brrrrr!!! At 40-something degrees, we toughed it out for the first half of the game and the half-time celebration, and then we headed back to Paige's dorm.

Go Cardinals! (Brrrrr!)

What a cutie!

Our "tradition" -- a picture in front of the
WJC phone booth each time we visit!

After the game we said goodbye to Paige, since she and Neil were spending the rest of the weekend with their mom and stepdad. Our Saturday night was spent at Garry and Heather's, celebrating Heather's birthday (the real party was Friday night, but we arrived pretty late in the evening!); Dave and Garry cooked a dinner of pasta and salad, with a bruschetta appetizer... yum! Garry's mother and some extended family joined us for dinner, but before that we had a chance to see Brent, Laura and their kiddos, Carter and Brooklyn.

Guess I don't have many pictures of our kids, other than at the game on Saturday. Jace and Neil had a great time with Garry and Heather's kids, Christian and Rileigh; we didn't see much of them either night, they were in the basement with the music, computer and video games!

The night ended with a spirited card game between Dave, Garry and Garry's mother, grandmother, aunts, and cousins; Dave had fun teaching a few of them how to play Texas Hold'em. Heather and I opted out (way too many people around the table, and Dave would've been teaching ME too!) and after finishing the dishes we relaxed in the living room.

It was a great weekend, loved spending time with Paige. We hope to get up to see her again before her Christmas break, since we won't see her for Thanksgiving. A big THANKS to "Geather" for opening your home to us, if you're reading this! We appreciate the hospitality, and look forward to seeing a lot more of you guys when we come to see Paigey over the next four years!

In other news, I tried a chicken recipe last night - baked chicken breasts, in a cream of chicken/mushroom sauce with red/orange sliced peppers and a red onion. Thumbs down on that; not sure if it was the recipe or the cook, but way too oniony, and just not very good at all. Just tossed out the majority of the sauce after I baked them, and kept the breasts for later in the week with pasta, etc.

Tonight I'm baking a pork tenderloin, with some bread stuffing, apples and sweet onion... it is smelling good! Time to go take it out of the oven!

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Lucas said...

Loved all the pics. That laughing one of you and Dave is adorable! The kids look great and I'm glad you guys had a fun trip.