Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Doggone Bored...

I wish I had something exciting or even halfway interesting to write about, but alas, I've been pretty much homebound and life is darn boring right now. I could tell you all about the annoying women on The View yesterday, or about the hours on end of HGTV I've been watching... I could not stay at home all the time, I would die of boredom. Of course if I were feeling better, there are many things I could be doing - I could finish painting the deck, paint the spare bedroom, clean out the loft, trim the ivy in the front garden/walkway - but if I were able to do all those, then I should already be back at work! That's what the doc said - that I may want to go back to work sooner than the 4 weeks, because sometimes home and all those things I "should be doing" can be more taxing than work, especially since my job is mostly sitting anyway.

I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor today, and I'm driving there- woo hoo! No driving for the past week and a half, so I am ready to go! Technically the doctor said no driving for two weeks (ok, 2-3 weeks) because any sudden movements (slamming on the brakes, etc) can tear the stitches, but hey - it is just two days shy of two weeks, so I'm gonna go with it!

It was great to have my parents both visit last week; true to form, my dad spent an entire afternoon cleaning out the garage. He loves to organize, and went to work on the shelves, organizing the tools, and sweeping every nook and cranny. I emailed Dave and told him we'd be able to eat off the floor in the garage when Dad was done. Seriously, the man cleans like no one else I know. Then before he left Saturday morning he gave me a walk-through of where everything was, so we would know when we needed something. (Thanks, Dad!)

One of the best things about their visit was just the chance to relax and talk, and spend some time together here at our home. The majority of our gatherings are at my parents' home, with 6 siblings and all of our families; those are some of the best times, and I treasure them, but this was nice to just visit one on one. And here at our house, my parents had a chance to spend some time with our dogs in their own environment too, and see just how calm they are here at home. Usually the dogs are all keyed up when our big family is together; with several dogs outside at my parents' home- it is a zoo!

But here at home they are quiet, and I think Mom and Dad both got a kick out of how well-behaved they are in the house. Of course Rocky wasn't going to give up his chair for anyone, but he was happy to share with them:

We are heading to my folks' house later this week for Thanksgiving, and it will be a great time. I'm trying to figure out just how we're going to get the dogs in the Liberty, since it has a much smaller rear space than the 4-Runner did. But we'll make it, somehow! Better close now, and get to work on those desserts for Thursday.

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Lucas said...

SO SORRY I've been MIA on your blog. Things are nuts as usual. So glad you are resting and healing and that everything went well. I hope you have a great holiday and just breathe in all the family and good fortune you are blessed with. Big hugs! Lu