Saturday, November 14, 2009

Home Again

Surgery went well, and I enjoyed a long night's rest at home after spending Thursday night and a half day Friday in the hospital. It has been 11 years since I've been in the hospital, and I'd forgotten how impossible it is to actually sleep for any stretch of time. Between checking vitals, changing IVs and all the noise in the hallway, I didn't sleep for more than an hour at a time. But oh, the drugs, the drugs. Man, they zonk you out; a morphine pump while in the hospital and now Percocet at home... it makes the pain go away, but also sends all logical thinking on a vacation as well - so if this post is a little nonsensical, blame it on the drugs.

The hospital stay was great, and true to form (yes, I could talk to a brick wall) I befriended several awesome people on the floor during my brief stay. I recruited one of my nurses, (who is pregnant and due in late March) to model for our maternity fashion show at our annual baby event in early March; apparently there are 9 people on their floor alone who are pregnant, so she is going to talk a couple others into modeling with her.

The other fun and informative conversation I had was with my night nurse, Lee, who is orginally from New Hampshire and loves the Red Sox. She was telling me about wearing her green Red Sox hat on a vacation she took with a friend, to Savannah, Georgia over St. Patrick's Day, and how there were several Yankees fans giving her a hard time. But the best part for me was hearing all about her trip, and what she loved about Savannah. They rode the trolley tours all over the city, learning about the different homes and the movies that have been filmed in Savannah; the St. Patty's Day celebration is huge, with a 4-plus hour parade. She said it was one of her favorite vacations ever, and she can't wait to visit again. That's one place that is on my list to visit, and her stories just move it further to the top of the list.

Today I'm just taking it easy on the sofa; what beautiful weather! Dave has the door to the deck open, as he prepares to smoke a turkey. The crisp air and the smoking wood smell wonderful, and I think I'll close now and enjoy a little cat-nap now.

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