Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, El Tigre!

Ok, I've found something far worse than my awful Percocet-induced dreams; Katherine Heigl's latest movie on DVD, "The Ugly Truth". We've rented four chick flicks to watch over the next few days, and I wanted to watch one of the "lighter" ones last night since we started it fairly late in the evening. Blechhhh. Let's hope the other three are better, don't know that they could be any worse.

Happy Birthday to my dad, who is 73 today and celebrating on his own since Mom is here visiting me. We talked to him this morning, and he said he has a busy day - getting the laundry caught up, (they don't let clothes accumulate for more than half a day, and it is worse now that my dad is retired. He does not adhere to the sorting of laundry by color, and I swear he runs a load if there's just three or four things, and then hangs EVERYTHING on the clothesline out back. Bath towels at my parents are like sandpaper, but more important than basic comfort is the fact that they're saving electricity, as my dad likes to remind anyone who has a comment.) feeding the horses, and just taking care of things around the house. Whatever his secret is, though, I hope all of us kids have inherited it - he's a very youthful 73.

He'll be down later this week to stay for a couple of days; they didn't have anyone to care for the horses while they were gone, so they had to split up their visits. I actually enjoy this more, since I get to spend a few days with each of them on their own.


Working Stay-At-Home Mom said...

Oh my I have been of the blogger sites to long. Crap. I guess I know why I haven't seen you at the Y for a while.

Get well soon! Good job on the car down size. And I have to agree the Ugly Truth was a terrible movie.


Tara said...

I'm curious as to what other movies you rented and if they are good.

I talked to Dad on his birthday and I asked him if he got the birthday card we sent and he said, "yes I just got it. I have to go feed the horses though before I can open it." That made me laugh. No fun (even a card) until all the work is done!!