Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey Day '09

It was a hectic (as always) holiday with my family; great to get together and see my parents, grandparents, siblings/in-laws and, of course, all the kiddos. We missed youngest brother Thom, who had to work, but everyone else was able to make it home.

Just a few pics to post, for the family members that read my blog. I'm so excited that I will be getting a new (and improved) camera for Christmas this year. My current one really doesn't get the job done, I had lots of pics that were too blurry to post.

We headed home Friday and have enjoyed the rest of our holiday weekend getting some things done around the house. I'm hoping to start back to work next week with a few half-days, I'm ready to be back up and going.

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Lucas said...

You look so beautiful Nance! Glad you had a nice holiday. :) Also happy that you are feeling good enough to start back at work a bit. Take good care of yourself kid. Love ya!